Protect & Enhance Minnetonka's High Quality of Life for ALL residents.

We Minnetonka Ward 3 citizens of all ages love our homes in due to oversized residential lots filled with mature trees.  I will apply and strengthen the tree and landscape ordinances so that when a new project is proposed next to your home or in your neighborhood, it fits into your neighborhood.

In spring of 2019, a natural 40′ tree buffer atop an earth berm that blocks lights, cars, and sounds generated  along I-394 from my neighborhood to the north was set to be eliminated by a car dealership. The buffer elimination had the support and blessing of the city of Minnetonka planning staff report.  Staff advised me our neighborhood was “lucky” to have had the buffer for so many years.  As a land use and real estate attorney, I decided–ENOUGH.  It was time to speak up and use my skill set to maintain the quality of life we Ward 3 citizens take for granted.  My goal was to welcome private investment that played by the rules and kept the required berm and trees.  After lengthy public process, that was the result.  The applicant modified its plan to keep the berm and tree buffer.  

As your Ward 3 Councilmember, I promise to walk in your shoes and see impact from your perspective before my vote.  After the election, all Ward 3 constituents will have my personal cell phone to express input.  I want to hear from you!!

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