June 3, 2020. CIP Comments & Groveland Elementary

Minnetonka Ward 3 Residents.

Tonight the Minnetonka Park Board has its general Park Board meeting. I am new to the annual CIP process. There is a lot of information, graphs, numbers, etc. One component is the ranking of new bike/walk trail segments to be built in future years. A link to the CIP can be found here.

In short, Ward 3 community members around Groveland have raised their voice, and I agree, that the City of Minnetonka should switch two planned trail segments so that the trail segment adjacent to Groveland elementary is given priority over one closer to City Hall. This would move the trail segment by Groveland up to 2022 from sometime 2026-2030. In other words, so another class of gradeschool children do not go without safer walking and biking to Groveland.

The final CIP vote is not until later this summer via City Council. If you wish to voice your support, you may sign up to speak at tonight’s Park Board by 3 PM.

The Park Board Agenda is here.  The CIP is not on the agenda as it was introduced earlier in the spring.

I welcome your feedback everyone!

Bradley Schaeppi,

Minnetonka Ward 3 Councilmember

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