Dear Fellow Minnetonka Ward 3 Neighbors:

I am  your passionate, responsive, and self driven Ward 3 neighbor.  I am a husband to lovely wife Lizzie (a Boston Scientific professional), father to newborn baby girl Linden and 7 year old son Asa,  brother to sister Amy (a Medtronic professional), son to a wonderful blended family of parents, uncle to 3 nephews and 2 nieces, grandson to 2 resilient 91 year old grandmothers (1 in Maple Grove), an avid runner (10 trail run marathons), road and mountain biker (3 Chequamegons), regular canoer with my family (Minnehaha Creek headwaters, Namekagon, Kettle, St. Croix, Root), beginning gardner, nordic skier (5 Birkebeiners), alpine skier and 5 year Minnehaha Academy head alpine coach, dog lover to Birdy our English Setter, small business owner, licensed real estate broker and attorney, and fifth generation Minnesota resident.  My grandfathers, Joseph Schaeppi and Edward Meyer were World War II veterans, Minnesota businessmen, and Catholic community leaders.  When I was in middle school my step-father, Dr. Eugene Waltke, was called to duty and deployed to Kuwait/Iraq in the First Gulf War.  I purchased, renovated, and own and manage three rental properties.  I am Minnetonka.

Day one, I am qualified to be your City Council member.  First,  I am a Minnesota State Bar Association Certified Real Property Law Specialist.  My legal work, peer support, courses, and passed real property law exam, truly qualify me as an “expert” of land use and zoning, a major component of City Council.  Second, I have a track record of civic engagement.  While a resident of Edina, I worked with public works, city council, mayor, and the business community to expand bike parking and the bike network, partly through grants to offset costs and citizen volunteer work.  My role on the Bike Edina Task Force improved the community quality of life through focused, volunteer citizen engagement.    Third, I have first hand experience successfully navigating City of Minnetonka political dynamics.  In 2019, a car dealership submitted a Master Development Plan that sought to remove most of a natural berm and a 40′ tree buffer between the car dealership and my neighborhood.  I did my homework, organized the neighborhood, and spoke on their behalf.  Despite staff support, the application did not meet landscape legal requirements.  Ultimately, the applicant conceded and kept the legally required buffer. 

My story is your story.  I am your non partisan neighbor you should trust no matter your political affiliation.  All Ward 3 residents are invited to call my personal cell phone 612.770.7447 or email [email protected].  I look forward to listening to your story, concerns, and input.  

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